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Connecting to multiple stores within a magento admin

As you know you can have multiple stores that have different URLs that feed into the Magento admin area.  Within the area you can view a global admin and view all orders from all stores.  Or you can toggle between the multiple stores to view orders and manage products for a particular store.  

eCC/Shiplark communicate with Magento using the Webgility Store Module that looks only at order data to ship orders and/or post to QuickBooks as transactions.  

Even though Magento can display multiple stores within the admin panel, eCC/Shiplark still needs to know from what store to download orders from.  eCC/Shiplark can only see one store at a time and therefore can only pull from each store individually.  

Therefore in eCC/Shiplark the user must specify from which Website or Store to download orders from as shown below:

(Multiple Websites)

If you are using Magento in this way and connect eCC Desktop to each store individually you can do these things: 

  • Configure eCC Desktop to interact with each store and QuickBooks 
  • Control the type of transaction/deposit to accounts, class tags for orders posted to QuickBooks for each store. 

You will also need to purchase additional stores for this type of integration.  Sign in to your Webgility Account and go to add-ons menu or speak with our Sales team (877.753.5373).

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