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How does eCC integrate multiple stores and users?

eCC can accommodate up to 50+ stores and 20 add-on users.  Additional stores can utilize the same QuickBooks company file or a different one. 

Important: all add-on users computer must be on the same operating system as the admin user: 

  • Windows 7 (admin) + Windows 7 (add-ons) = YES
  • Windows 8 (admin) + Windows 8 (add-ons) = YES
  • Windows 7 (admin) + Windows 8 (add-ons) = NO
  • Windows 8 (admin) + Windows 7 (add-ons) = NO

eCC can also be installed and utilized with a network (LAN) and multiple users can install eCC and connect to the primary users database and share information.  The primary user can also set the permissions for add-on users. 

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