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eCC Desktop Version 2.0

Version 2.7.2:

  1. Reconcile your Amazon fees & expenses (QB financial only)
    • Download Amazon settlement reports as they are available
    • Post total expenses per order as a Bill or Check
  2. Reconcile your eBay fees & expenses (QuickBooks financial only)
    • Download eBay and PayPal fees with the transactions
    • Post total expenses per transaction as a Bill or Check
  3. Inventory module enhancements
    • Now supports synchronizing with Available Quantity as well (QB Financial and POS)
    • New search and filter options
    • Ability to import/export product mappings
  4. Ability to ship unpaid orders.
  5. address validation and printer compatibility/label updates
  6. PO module updates

Version 2.7.1:

  1. eCC is now a FedEx Certified Solution Provider (For US Shippers only)
    • Generate Domestic and international labels (including Ground and Smart post services) 
    • Get Shipping Rates
    • Validate Shipping addresses before generating labels (US Only)
    • Track Shipments
    • Delete/Void Shipments
    • Generate Manifest report for Ground shipments
  2. eCC scheduler now supports Amazon order scheduling
  3. Updates to Packing slips including support for landscape mode, # of copies, etc.
  4. eBay module updates including support for eBay time zone
  5. Support for decimal quantities

Version 2.7:

  1. Purchase Order support
    1. Create POs automatically in QuickBooks for out-of-stock or drop-ship items
    2. Flexible rules for creating POs per order or per vendor
    3. Specify which items are drop ship in the inventory module
  2. Amazon Integration update
    1. New integration using Amazon Marketplace Web Service
    2. Download orders from up to 90 days past
    3. Automatic download of FBA orders
    4. Create products in bulk from Amazon to QuickBooks
    5. Save the Fulfillment channel info in QuickBooks
  3. eBay integration enhancements
    1. Supports custom labels, customer ID fields
    2. Order download fixes
  4. Packing Slip updates
    1. Select page size, printer and margins
    2. Additional layout and display options
  5. Scheduler now runs on multiple profiles simultaneously
    1. Make your processing faster for multiple stores           
  6. Inventory sync module load time improvements
    1. Now generate reports even faster
  7. Password protected folder support
    1. eCC can now connect to your store backend even if its password (htaccess) protected
  8. Licensing module updates
    1. Several bug fixes to licensing module
  9. Support for QuickBooks 2011 editions
  10. Other minor updates
    1. Bulk ignore for items in inventory module
    2. Ability to specify field to use for item name
    3. Ability to post phone number in the transaction


Version 2.6.1 (minor release):

  • POS Attribute support for Ubercart Customers using the Inventory Module
    • Now create new products including variants from POS to Ubercart
    • Map your POS attributes with Ubercart
  • Get Package weight with 1-click by connecting with a USB Weight scale
    • Compatible with Mettler Toledo PS60 USB Scale
  • Updates for Magento Community and Enterprise customers
    • Record Store credit, Coupon Codes, Rewards points and Gift Certificates!
  • Inventory Module Updates
    • New options to specify the product description for QuickBooks POS customers


Version 2.6:

  • Enhanced Transaction Handling
    • Configure different transaction types depending on the payment method
    • Record income into different accounts depending on payment method
    • Support for tax variations by item
  • Better Multi-user handling
    • Logging based on username
    • Password reminder option
    • Remember me option so you don’t have to enter your username and password everytime
  • User Interface updates for faster order processing
    • Ability to hide/display specific columns on the Dashboard
    • Easy to access Refresh buttons to download settings from QuickBooks and your Online Store
    • Identify International orders with a simple icon
    • Notification to indicate whether a new customer was created in QB
    • Easier to delete orders from the dashboard or right-click mouse menu
    • Added icons to easily configure Scheduler from various screens
    • Improved License activation and management screen
  • Faster Inventory Synchronization
    • Ignore specific items or item types so they don’t appear in inventory reports
  • Shipping Improvements
    • Default settings option for
    • Stealth postage option added for
    • Additional flat-rate box options for
  • Amazon Inventory Sync Module
    • Now synchronize Price and Qty between your QB and Amazon account for matching products
  • Packing slip customization and easier access from Profile configuration
  • 1-Click Database Backup

Version 2.5:

  • Multi-User Support
    • Get add-on licenses and connect multiple users to a single eCC install
    • Manage users from a central location
    • Control user-level access to Shipping, QuickBooks, and Payment processing
  • Support for multi-state taxes (US Customers only)
  • Support for Taxes for Amazon and FBA sellers
  • Ability to map Payment and Shipment methods
  • Post PO # from your online store into QB (for certain transaction types only)
  • New Carts Supported: Open Cart, WebAsyst Shop-Script & PrestaShop

Version 2.4:

  • Enhancements to Inventory Module for QuickBooks Financial
    • Supports creation of parent and child items with up to 2 attributes for several shopping carts (Pinnacle Cart, CS-Cart, Ubercart, Avactis)
    • Supports creation of variants for several shopping carts (Live Cart, Pinnacle Cart, CS-cart, Ubercart, Avactis)
    • Ability to specify a custom formula to match variant items  
  • Support for import of new FBA Tab-delimited Order Reports
  • Ability to generate multiple shipping labels per order
  • Significant performance enhancements to the eCC dashboard and search 
  • Easy Search on the Dashboard
  • Updates to the scheduler
  • Enhanced Payment Method mapping
  • Updates to Phone Ordering screens
  • Ability to customize Packing Slips

Version 2.3.1:

  • Additional transaction settings for Memo, Ship Date, etc.
  • Ability to print bulk packing slips
  • Ability to use QuickBooks Shipping Manager and other carriers simultaneously
  • Ability to select Inventory Adjustment account
  • User Interface enhancements
  • Minor bug fixes from v2.3

Version 2.3:

  • Support for eBay sellers in the US
  • Support for Avactis shopping cart
  • Revamped Inventory Module with new options for bulk inventory creation
  • Transaction Posting options with QuickBooks Accounting
  • Online module enhancements

Version 2.2.1:

  • Support for multiple websites in Magento
  • Payment Method and Shipment Method mapping between your online store and QB
  • Enhancements to Transaction posting options in QB
  • Fixes to FBA Order Import

Version 2.2:

  • eCC Handsfree - Now Post to QuickBooks, Back to Online Store & Synchronize inventory automatically with the new eCC Scheduler! Runs as a system tray application. 
  • Support for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) - Import FBA XML Order Reports for easy posting to QuickBooks
  • Support for QuickBooks South Africa. 
  • Cancel Orders (Magento Only) - Void the QB transaction and cancel online order in 1-click 
  • CSV Order Export - Choose which columns you want to export and generate CSV export in 1-click 
  • Print UPS WorldShip Return Labels in 1 click 
  • Enhanced Phone Order Support 
  • New Packing slip with customization options 
  • Attribute Set Support & Support for Orders with Bundled Products ( Magento Only)
  • Minor Bug Fixes 

Version 2.1.1:

  • Support for Ubercart v2.0
  • Ability to select a "Deposit" account for Sales Receipts
  • Additional options for taxes in QuickBooks POS 

Version 2.1:

  • Support for >Amazon Sellers (Pro Merchant and WebStore by Amazon) 
    • Download Orders 
    • Process Shipping Labels 
    • Post orders back to Amazon with tracking ID 
  • Support for >QuickBooks UK 
  • Ability to CAPTURE previously authorized payments using or PayPal - You don't need to save Credit card numbers in your cart any more!
  • NEW >eCC Scheduler to automatically download orders, items and settings periodically. Runs as a system tray application. Auto-synching feature coming soon!
  • Reconcile transactions processed with >QuickBooks Merchant service
  • Several feature updates and minor bug fixes 

Version 2.0:

  • Enhanced User-interface 
    • Updated configuration screens for easier setup 
    • New >Dashboard with news and reporting widgets 
    • Sales Reports 
    • >Right-click menus for faster processing 
    • Updated grid and order detail screens 
  • New Shipping processor integration: > 
  • New QuickBooks version supported: QuickBooks Australia 
  • Post transactions as >Sales Orders in QuickBooks 
  • Ability to configure >multiple shipping processors 
  • Integrated online store module test utility 
  • 1-Click Database >backup 
  • Enhanced customer matching and order processing options 
  • Stay up to date with >Webgility Twitter and News 
  • New system architecture to support even >faster order processing 
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