Shiplark version 3.9 -


New Features

1) Webgility Insurance
  • Use with UPS, FedEx,, Endicia Label Server and Express1
  • Insure both domestic and international shipments
  • Insurance charges are calculated based on declared value

Bug Fixes
  • Download updated products from Volusion
  • Improved multiple label printing for FedEx shipments
  • Fixed update tab search filter
  • Etsy: download product name in SKU
  • Fixed Index array error for invoice printing


Performance enhancements

  • UPS SurePost Integration : Supportings UPS SurePost service. This service will be work only for UPS users who activated this service on their UPS Account.
  • Reduce the Installer size : We removed unwanted images from installer and reduced the installer size around 2 MB.



Bug Fixes

  • FedEx International Label: AES Option not working
  • FedEx International Label: Shiplark printing single label for COD with multiple package
  • FedEx Tracking Response changes(Throwing exception while tracking FedEx Labels)
  • Search Filter not working on order update tab
  • BigCommerce add store screen in case of credentials are wrong we will display the message "Please click on help button to know how to get API Token from BigCommerce " instead of "Invalid credentials "



New Cart Supported: Etsy

New Shipping Feature

  • Support eBay Global Shipping program (eBay Provides Ship to address in this case and Shiplark will display the ship to address)

Performance enhancements

Shiplark Re-installation will not overwrite store configuration file for existing users so this will resolve the SQl server issues.

Shiplark will upgrade database automatically after re-installation

Bug Fixes

  • FedEx Smart Post issue in Post to Store Amazon
  • UPS Direct Negotiated rates showing in shipping charges 



New Feature:  Janrain Integration (Login to eCC using Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Twitter)

Shipping and Performance Enhancements

  • USPS Shipping compliance for Stamps, USPS & ELS
  • Provide an option to display add Sales graph for last month
  • UPS Registration issue


Introducing Shiplark

  • eCC Ship v3.9 has been rebranded to Shiplark v3.9. Visit our announcement page to learn more.
  • Shiplark includes 2 free stores
  • Pricing tiers have been simplified
  • Customers receive an additional 100 order downloads with each Add-on store
  • Upgrades for eCC Ship customers will be available in upcoming weeks which will include automatic transfer of their old data

Shiplark v3.9 Release Notes

Supported Providers


  • USPS Without postage ( USA Domestic and International)
  • ( USA Domestic and International)
  • Endicia Label Server ( USA Domestic and International)
  • Endicia Dazzle ( USA Domestic and International)
  • Express1


  • UPS (Web Services) ( USA Domestic and International)
  • UPS WorldShip (USA Domestic only) 


  • FedEx Web Services ( USA & Canada Domestic and International)

Shipping Features                          

  • Address validation (, UPS Direct, FedEx, Endicia Label Server )
  • Get Rates (, UPS Direct, FedEx, Endicia Label Server, Express1 )
  • Rate Comparison ( FedEx, UPS, Endicia Label Server, )
  • Get Tracking details ( UPS, FedEx, Endicia Label Server, )
  • Generate Shipping Labels ( All providers )
  • Close Day ( FedEx )
  • Manifest report ( FedEx )
  • Multi-package shipments ( FedEx, UPS, UPS WorldShip )
  • Multiple shipments per order ( All providers )
  • Purchase Postage (, Endicia Label Server, Express1 )
  • See purchase postage history (, Endicia Label Server )
  • Alcohol Shipment ( FedEx )
  • Hold at Location ( FedEx )
  • Collect On Delivery ( FedEx, UPS )
  • Return Shipment ( FedEx, UPS, UPS WorldShip )
  • Mail Innovations ( UPS WorldShip )
  • UPS SurePost ( UPS Worldship )

Common Features for all processors

  • Packing Slip
  • Pick List
  • Post Tracking Details back to store
  • Reprint Labels (, FedEx, UPS, Endicia Label Server, Express1, USPS Without postage ) 
  • Save Shipping Defaults
  • Shipping Rules Engine
  • Import Tracking details from excel file and update in eCC
  • USB Weight scale support
  • Shipping Reports
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