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Sharing the SQL Database for multiple eCC users (Add-on user)

Before you get started connecting the add-on computer to the Admin computer's eCC database, there are a few things to note:

  • The Admin and add-on computers must be in the same LAN
  • The eCC must be installed on the Admin computer prior to this process

This process should take place on the add-on computer(s).  Access your Webgility Customer portal and go to the downloads area and download the eCC installer on the add-on computer. 

1) Install and run the setup of eCC

2) Login to eCC using the admin user subscription email address

3) Select the option to Connect to an existing SQL server


3) Locate SQL Server: select the dropdown and select the admin computer's SQL server.  (computername/ECC)

4) Authentication method: Select Use the SQL Server Authentication 

5) Username: sa

6) Password: Webgility2011

7) Select connect to complete the connection process. 

The add-on user has been successfully connected to the admin computer's eCC database.  This means:

  • Whatever each user does, the data will be shared
  • Utilize pop-up notifications of activity are displayed between each user
  • Shipping: the shipping settings can be configured uniquely for the add-on user(s).  

Connecting to QuickBooks

  • When using the add on system to post to QB, you have to make sure that the add on eCC is able to access the QB company file.
  • What is happening is that you have the QuickBooks open on the add on system, but it is accessing the company file locally.
  • Please make sure that the QB company file is shared and is being accessed on both systems ( admin and add on) using the UNC path. This would be the same path structure as you used while browsing the shared eCC DB folder.
  • Make sure that in eCC, File -> Manage profile-> edit-> QB settings, the UNC path for the shared folder is browsed, and the company file is open on both, admin and add on systems using the same UNC path. 
If you need any assistance with this, please contact our support team at or via phone 877.753.5373 ext 3.

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