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eCC Desktop Version 3.0


October 11, 2013

New Features
1) Support for QuickBooks 2014 (US versions only)
2) Webgility Insurance

  • Use with UPS, FedEx, and Express1
  • Insure both domestic and international shipments
  • Insurance charges are calculated based on declared value

Usability Enhancement

  • QuickBooks UK: option to set VAT code based on order shipping country and post the mapped VAT code in QuickBooks UK. 

Bug Fixes

  • Download updated products from Volusion
  • Improved multiple label printing for FedEx shipments
  • Fixed update tab search filter
  • QuickBooks Canada: customer terms update for Invoices and Sales Orders
  • Etsy: download product name in SKU
  • Fixed Index array error for invoice printing



September 11, 2013


New Shipping Feature: UPS SurePost Integration

  • Option must be activated within users UPS account


Performance Enhancements

  • Reduce the Installer size : We removed unwanted images from installer and reduced the installer size around 2 MB.

Bug Fix

  • BigCommerce Image Upload Disable: We deprecated image upload feature from our current integration. So user will not see image upload option.  




Sepetember 4, 2013


New Feature: If option to create new customer by using Company name and that field is blank new customer is created in QuickBooks as Lastname, Firstname, zip

Bug Fixes:

  • FedEx International Label: AES Option not working
  • FedEx International Label: eCC printing single label for COD with multiple package
  • FedEx Tracking Response changes(Throwing exception while tracking FedEx Labels)
  • Search Filter not working on update tab
  • Volusion products changes not reflect at eCC
  • BigCommerce add store screen in case of credentials are wrong we will display the message "Please click on help button to know how to get API Token from BigCommerce " instead of "Invalid credentials "



August 16, 2013


New Shopping Cart: Etsy

  • Download Orders 
  • Download Products
  • Transfer Product
  • Sync Products


New Features

  • Lokad Integration (Lokad is a sales Forecasting company. eCC will send QuickBooks transaction data and item data in Lokad supported format and Salescast will do the analysis of data and will provide the results to end user.)
  • Support eBay Global Shipping program ( eBay Providing Ship to address in this case and eCC will display the ship to address)
  • Support Volusion gift certificate recorded in QuickBooks as Discount

Performance Enhancements:

  • eCC Re-installation will not overwrite original store configuration file for existing users so this will resolve the SQl server issues.
  • eCC will now upgrade database automatically after re-installation

Bug Fixes:

  • FedEx Smart Post issue in Post to Store Amazon
  • UPS Direct Negotiated rates showing in shipping charges 
  • Download Customer Type issue with POS




August 1, 2013


New Feature: Janrain Integration ( Login to eCC using Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Twitter)

Performance improvements

  • USPS Shipping compliance for Stamps, USPS & ELS
  • Provide an option to Create multiple transactions based on customer group in POS
  • Provide an  to create Credit memo on magento when order is mark cancel from eCC
  • Provide an option to display add Sales graph for last month
  • UPS Registration issue fixed


Version 3.9

April 4, 2013

Performance improvements 

  • BigCommerce Performance speed with Order & Product downloads
  • Improved Scheduler performance/automation
  • Setup scheduler automation before startup
  • Improved Scheduler product Sync automation
  • Automatically create missing item in QB when scheduler is posting to QB


  • Dashboard Pagination
  • Amazon Settlement Report Pagination
  • Multi-user Data Sync Display (Admin/add-on users)
  • Sales Report Graph is now showing on based on order status
  • Enable Search button on Dashboard 
  • Provide Acknowledge order feature with BigCommerce
  • Filters and search on dashboard will not reset.
  • Provide option to display order items on order detail and packing slip in sorting order. 

QuickBooks Integration 

  • Enable Gift wrap charges with POS
  • Enable Store Credit option with POS
  • Handle Multiple Shipping address of QuickBooks on phone order screen (QuickBooks 2013 or higher)
  • Upgrade to QuickBooks SDK 12

Order Processing Enhancements

  • Capture only option will now not depend on eCC Payment status Auth-Only
  • Decimal Quantity Support with for OpenCart
  • Provide option to manage BigCommerce weight. 

Shipping Module

  • Shipping Rate Comparison supported for ( FedEx, UPS Direct and Endicia Label Server)
  • Endicia Dazzle can remain open while generating multiple shipping labels
  • Validate Order is shipped or not based on order shipment done in eCC or not instead of eCC Shipment status.
  • USPS Enhancements ( Add Media mail and Library mail)
  • Redesign Label print preview for all shipping providers
  • Add Delay time settings for dazzle in advance settings.
  • Upgrade to API 27




January 15, 2013


New OS Supported:

  • Windows 8


Order Enhancements:

  • Download Gift Message from Bigcommerce and print them in eCC.


QuickBooks integration

  • Enable Support for all version of QuickBooks 2013
  • Download Customer ID from Store and allow option to add this Customer ID in Customer Matching criteria.
  • Download Product options from BigCommerce and map to Custom fields of QuickBooks items.


Product Module

  • Bar-code In Product Module
  • Retrieve Re-Order point from QuickBooks POS and update this information to Magento at the time of Product creation


Bug Fixes:

  • Order download issue fixed
  • Bar-code issue fixed
  • Amazon Scheduler issue fixed



Version 3.8

November 22, 2012


New Shopping Carts Supported

  • Yahoo Stores Shopping Cart
  • WordPress - osCommerce integration
  • WordPress – Online Store integration


  • Download Product options from BigCommerce and map to Custom fields of QuickBooks items.
  • Download Gift Message from BigCommerce and print them in eCC.

Order Fulfillment enhancements

  • Barcode as order number support for Phone Order creation.
  • Access to the shipping module to generate shipping labels while creating a phone order.
  • Move Archive Orders to Different Table
  • Enable Option to display total sales amount in inbox
  • Download Return Orders from Amazon

 Product Module enhancements

  • Item lookup by barcode scanner within the Product Module.

 QuickBooks Integration enhancements

  • Enable Support for QB Customer Jobs: this allows customers to be entered under a standard customer, if standard customer is acting as a vendor or company.


Shipping Module enhancements

  • Provide Option to print Online store PO Number to FedEx Label
  • Print Order number as Bar code on packing slip

New FedEx features

FedEx Canada support

•    User can register FedEx Canada account with eCC.
•    Generate FedEx Express, Ground & International Labels.
•    Can perform Address validation, Get Rates, Track Shipment & Void Shipment

New Service Added (For Both US And Canada)

•    FedEx International Freight Priority®
•    FedEx International Freight Economy®
•    New Domestic Services added for Both US and Canada
•    FedEx First Overnight Freight®
•    FedEx Freight Priority®
•    FedEx Freight Economy®
•    1 Day Freight®
•    2 Day Freight®
•    3 Day Freight®

Shipping Options: (For Both US And Canada)

•    Alcohol shipment
•    Collect on delivery
•    Multi Package Shipment
•    Inside Delivery
•    Inside Pickup
•    FedEx Priority Alert
•    Dangerous Goods
•    Hold at location
•    International Traffic In Arms Regulations
•    Importer of Details
•    Broker Details
•    Oversize indication
•    Return Shipment added for Smart post labels



October 9, 2012


New Shopping Cart Supported

WooCommerce v1.3


Bug Fixes/Stability Updates:

1) UPS "Get Rates" issue resolved

2) International label generation issue resolved

3) Modifications to Automatic Order updates feature

4) Added search and filters within the Updates tab to improve usability

5) Resolved issues with old orders automatically going to the Updates tab. 



Version 3.7

New Shopping Cart Supported



Usability Improvements

Automatically detect order updates

  •  eCC will check for updates to existing orders and place them in a new "Updated" tab
  •  Visit the comparison chart page for more details specific to your cart

Redesigned Store Configuration screens for easier setup

Updates to eCC Menus for easier browsing

Ability to login to eCC with your Intuit Account

Enhanced error handling and messaging

  •  Integration with Webgility community for error lookup
  •  Ability to create a ticket and send error logs with a screenshot in 1-Click

Option to do an end-of-day backup of eCC Database

Ability to Post to Store in Archive order tab


QuickBooks Integration enhancements

Record and post shipping expenses to QuickBooks as a Bill/Check for shipments processed with eCC

Support for multiple price levels in QuickBooks POS

Create a single transaction to record eBay expenses and PayPal fees for multiple orders QuickBooks

Display Shipping method and carrier on the transaction in QuickBooks


Order Management Enhancements

Disable the download weight option for Amazon orders

Amazon Multiple Marketplace ID support

  • Global Inbox for multiple Amazon stores

Filter Domestic and International orders in the order inbox

Record Gift Certificates for 3DCart


Shipping Features


 - Create custom shipping rules based on order, order weight, order value and item quantity

  •  Shipping Weight as a default settings for all shippers
  • Option to manage Package Weight along with shipment weight
  • Improved UI for Shipping Processor configuration and Default settings

End of Day Report for all shipping providers

Support for UPS Mail innovation (UPS & USPS)

Support for UPS Sure-Post for UPS WorldShip

Email shipment notification for Endicia DaZzle and

Support for Collect On Delivery option with FedEx

Support for multiple package shipments with FedEx

Request XML Template updates for and Endicia Label Server

Ability to check QuickBooks product quantity before process shipping labels

Sort/Display items by vendor on Pick List

Pick List printer settings for add-on user

UPS Direct registration fixes (register with UPS without having invoice details)


Product & Customer Module updates

Ability to synchronize product COST between Store and QB POS or QuickBooks

Sort/filtering updates within product module 




Compliance updates:

  1.  User can register with UPS without having invoice details (Invoice details are required if client having negotiated rates enabled)


1) Support Cyrillic font posting in QuickBooks Customer Address.

Bug fixes/Stability updates:  

  1. Resolved FBA orders are not moved to scheduled tab when post to QB is checked from scheduler.
  2. Resolved editing the order Gift Certificate Amount is not saved in Bigcommerce.
  3. Resolved Special character issue while downloading products from Bigcommerce (0*12 Hexadecimal).
  4. Resolved Quantity sync issue while synchronizing items on amazon from scheduler.
  5. Resolved No Row at position zero issue in scheduler for amazon on downloading products.
  6. Resolved Shipping Methods are added multiple times for Bigcommerce on Download Data.
  7. Resolved Download order status for eBay from configure screen in eCC Ship issue.
  8. Resolved Ship to name printing multiple times in express1 labels.
  9. Resolved Postal code (5 + 4) format issue in express1.



Compliance updates:

  1. Support for QuickBooks 2013 and Point of Sale 2013
  2. Purchase Order support for QuickBooks UK and AU customers
  3. UPS Worldship update - enable up to 50 Packages
  4. Dashboard - added search by Last Name and eBay Customer ID
  5. Order Export - added support for Customer Email and other data fields
  6. QuickBooks Memo field - can record customer comments
  7. Enhancements to FBA Order Downloads - now you can get data from any 30 day range
  8. PO update - enabled support for group items

Bug fixes/Stability updates:

  1. Resolved "Invalid Customer Type" error for Volusion customers only
  2. Resolved Archive Rule bug when Post to Store is enabled through the Scheduler
  3. Removed "-" from address in Purchase Orders
  4. Resolved error with orders notes when there is an Apostrophe
  5. Resolved Order date issue for 3dCart customers
  6. Resolved Scheduler crash issue with multiple stores
  7. Fixed Shipping Method Requested getting cut off on process Shipment Screen
  8. Resolved re-print bug for FedEx Return Shipments
  9. Resolved quantity bug for variant products in eBay
  10. Resolved order skipping issue in BigCommerce



Bug Fixes

1) Product Module Sync issue.
2) UPS WorldShip Next Day Early AM Service type not working.
3) Test Credentials Button Not working for Dymo Endicia ( Showing Blank Message).


Version 3.6 

New Platforms supported

  • Magento Go (v1.0.0.32)
  • Amazon UK

Usability & UI Improvements

  • New ADD STORE WIZARD with a built-in FTP app to install the eCC Store module and perform a quick-setup
  • Tab names have been modified: New Orders tab is now "Inbox" and Completed orders tab is now "Archived Orders"
  • Order details screens are auto-enabled for editing to reduce mouse-clicks so you can simply edit and hit save.
  • Ability to ship and post to QuickBooks any orders in the Archived tab
  • Additional display options for Packing slips - payment method
  • PCI security enhancement - now you can disable eCC from downloading Credit card data
  • Additional features for Magento: 
    • Set visibility and status of transferred products
    • Options for download of configurable and bundled products
  • Indicator showing whether Packing slip has been printed
  • Scheduler now supports Amazon product module synching

QuickBooks Integration enhancements

  • Support for multi-location with QB Enterprise
  • Options for posting customer phone number in PO
  • Option to manage customer type in QuickBooks

Shipping Features

  • Express1 Integration
  • New Shipping rules engine to auto-select shipping carrier and service based on shipping method 
  • Multi-package shipping support with FedEx
  • Provide Support of Collect on Delivery option with FedEx
  • Support for UPS Standard method for international
  • Send Item Description instead of name on Custom forms
  • option to Show or hide Instructions for international shipments
  • Download Product Dimensions from Store for Shipping
  • AMAZON Download items weight & Dimensions along with orders for Shipping

Product & Customer Module updates

  • Ability to transfer images from QB Enterprise
  • Option to set product quantity to 0 when creating new products
  • Ability to get images and customers for 3dCart
  • Ability to transfer FBA products to QB and sync price for FBA items
  • Ability to delete product mappings for Mals eCommerce
  • Ability to transfer product images for BigCommerce using built-in FTP


Bug Fixes:

  • Confirmation Type not getting populated in FedEx as per Default settings.
  • Conversion of weight according to its unit.
  • Display QBFC11 Error when creating purchase order.
  • Error while populating list of weighing scales.
  • FedEx: Email Address gets blank when e-Mail Notification option is re selected.
  • Provide an option to view Shipping Carrier, Shipment Method and Tracking ID on Order Details Screen.
  • QVN Options for UPS not populated properly.
  • Shipping - USPS (Dymo Endicia) - Displaying error message "Object reference not set to an instance of an object".
  • Sorting not working properly on Process Shipment Form.


Version 3.5

New cart Integration

  • Shopp

Order management

  • Ability to create different transaction types based on order status.
  • Post Customer name in Memo filed of QuickBooks.
  • Ability to match Store SKU and Product Name with Custom filed of QuickBooks POS.
  • Ability to Add/ Delete items for an existing order.
  • Show QuickBooks Item Quantity when selecting items for a phone order.
  • Export Customer ID and Sales record number to CSV file.
  • Download Gift Wrap Charges from BigCommerce and post them to QuickBooks as line item in transactions.
  • Amazon specific updates
    • Provide setting to prevent order from posting to QB until settlement report from Amazon is downloaded into eCC.
    • Post past Settlement Reports to QuickBooks without corresponding orders.
    • Retrieve orders 120 days in the past.
    • Reconcile refund amount of the item price section in the Amazon Settlement Report as a Bill (credit), Check or Deposit tranaction in QuickBooks. 
  • eBay specific updates
    • Provide an option to end the eBay item listing from eCC.
    • Mark order as paid within eBay for alternative payment methods.
    • Provide an option to record the eBay sales record number in PO# and in QB Transaction # and QB Memo fields.


  • Ability to partially ship orders with item level shipments
  • Support for customizable Pick Lists
  • Update shipping information for multi-shipment orders to cart (Magento, Ubercart only)
  • Ability to show or hide item price on packing slip.
  • Apply a default phone number as shipping phone number if shipping area has no field for phone.
  • Use billing address as ship to address for all shipping providers. 
  • Support for  5lb (Model 510) scale, 25 lb. Integrated Digital Scale (Model 2510) and Dymo (Model 40149) Weight Scale.
  • View shipping label before printing directly for
  • Provide Hidden Postage and Delivery Confirmation as defaults for
  • Print customer address in all caps or upper/lower case.
  • Collect on Delivery option (COD) added for, UPS Direct, UPS Worldship.
  • Added Hub Id, Delivery Confirmation and Indicia Type (USPS) to Smart Post labels for FedEx shipping.

Product Management

  • Major improvements in performance of retrievieving items: Retrieve QuickBooks Data from a previously modified or retrieval date during the "Get Products" function 


  • Login directly to Dashboard after logout
  • Show Total New Order Sales amount at bottom of new orders screen.
  • Hide/Show the Financial Report (Sales graph) for add-on users.


Version 3.4

  • New eCC Customer Management module
    • Multi-tiered customer mapping criteria during customer configuration
    • Manage customers in eCC by downloading customer info from QuickBooks and the online store
    • Transfer customer info from the online store to create a new customer in QuickBooks, or vice versa
  • Shipping enhancements
    • Support First-class Package Services, Regional Rate Box C, shipment tracking, and delivery confirmation with DYMO Endicia Label Server
    • Provide option to set the "Ship from" name with
    • Added ounce measurement in the weight field for DYMO Endicia, Endicia Dazzle, and USPS shipping processors
    • Display the shipping charge amount in the process shipping screen
    • Ability to edit the "Ship from" address on the shipping screen
    • Automatically send phone number with the appropriate numbering format to the shipping carriers
    • Option to add "Order Sub Total" as the default declared value in the shipping screen
    • Ability to import fulfillment orders and update shipping details in eCC
    • Display international currency symbols in packing slips and invoices
    • Option to print shipping labels for completed orders
  • QuickBooks-related enhancements
    • Ability to void transactions with QuickBooks POS (for sales orders and hold sales receipts only)
    • Ability to match sub-items in Quickbooks to the product SKU or name on the online store
    • Group QuickBooks type in the QuickBooks drop-down menu in the Store profile manager screen
  • Enhancements to Amazon and eBay integration
    • Added Deposit Type of transaction to Amazon Settlement report for reconciliation
    • Ability to post feedback about buyers to eBay
    • Added transaction numbering options in the store configuration of eBay and Amazon
  • eCC Scheduler enhancements
    • Show scheduler as a start-up item
    • Enable restriction settings for posting to QuickBooks and retrieving tracking ID
  • Interface enhancements
    • Option to display Customer Comments and PO on the eCC order screen
    • Added more filter options on eCC Dashboard to help with order searching
    • Ability to post to QuickBooks and store multiple times
    • Support product description display from the phone order screen
    • eCC version is maintained with the database backup file
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