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Connect Shiplark to Yahoo Stores


1. The store id and access key generated, lasts only for one year and has to be renewed on a yearly basis.
2. The Yahoo! partner ID you will need to use to connect is : ypa-005401109850


As soon as you launch Shiplark for the first time, or when you choose to add an additional store, you would be asked to enter Store credentials. For Yahoo Store, enter your store name as per choice and then select your store from the dropdown menu. Click continue.





You will then see the screen below, that would ask you for your store ID and access token. Enter the same and then click connect to store. As soon as Shiplark is able to connect to store, it would begin downloading data and settings. To learn how to get your store ID and access token, scroll below.







How to get Yahoo Store ID and Access Token:

1. Log on to your Yahoo! Business Control Panel. There locate the link that says 'Store Control Panel' and click on it.




2. You will then be asked for a security key which you would have recieved from Yahoo! Enter the same to be taken to the store control panel. There, locate Order Settings.




3. Locate and click on 'Real time links'.




4. In the window that opens up, click on 'API Settings'




5. Then click on Add New Partner




6. Enter partner id: ypa-005401109850 and click on 'Next'.




7. You will then be asked to enable access for each individual API. Please select all of them and then click on 'Next'




8. Read and accept the Terms of Service.




9. Once all the above is done, you will see a screen similar to the below. You can then close the browser.




10. You now need to open your mail id and find a mail similar to the below.




11. Open the mail to find your store id (in the small red box) and the access key (in the larger red box). Copy these and paste into the Shiplark Connect to Store section.




12. Click on 'Connect to Store' to connect Shiplark to your Yahoo! Store.




Adding your Store Address




The store address should be the "from" address that you are going to be shipping from.  A company logo can be added that will be seen on the packing slip used in Shiplark.


The local date format is formatted for United States format, if you are utilizing a different format in your location, that can be selected here.  Click Next to continue.


Order Processing Settings




Payment and Shipment Settings: Since you are using Shiplark to process shipping, check the box to use Shiplark to generate shipping labels.  You can setup the specific shipping processors later in the store configuration.


If you are connecting your payment processor to Shiplark, to process order payments after the order is shipped, the box can be checked to do that.  The specific payment rules can be setup in the store configuration.


Identify what your online order status mean: In this area, you can setup how Shiplark interprets the order status used in your online store.  Hover over the "?" to find out more information about how each status is handled in Shiplark.  If you only want a specific orders to be downloaded by Shiplark based on order status, that can be setup in the Orders screen of the store configuration.


Download latest 50 orders: Shiplark will download the most recent 50 orders.  If you want to specify the orders that are downloaded based on order status, that can be setup in the Orders screen of the store configuration.


Click Next to continue.



Ready to Roll




You are now ready to process orders, so you should click "Let's Go" to proceed to the dashboard and Shiplark will download your 50 recent orders.


Detailed Settings can be configured after you proceed to the dashboard and your orders have been downloaded.

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