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Register for UPS Direct in Shiplark

1. Once you click on register, the UPS License wizard will pop up. Click Next to Proceed.




2. You will now be presented with the Terms and Conditions screen. To proceed further, you have to read through the whole terms and conditions section, scroll right to the end, click on "I agree", and then click on the next button. Until all this is done, the next button shall not be enabled.




3. You will now be presented with a screen wherein you can enter your UPS account details. Please note that fields with a are compulsory and have to be filled in with the same details as in the UPS account. You can also bring in the information that you filled in the Shiplark Store Information screen, by clicking on "Use my Shiplark Store Information". Please remember to select the correct UPS account type.




The screen above also asks you to enter the invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount and the control ID. These can be obtained by going to your UPS account on the UPS website and opening the last invoice. This can be done by clicking on view PDF in the invoice screen as below:




Once you view the Invoice as PDF, you will be able to get all the information you need, as is shown below:




4. Fill all the information obtained from the invoice into the box in Step 3 above and click on Next. If all your information is correct and matched with your UPS account, you will see the "Registration Successful" as below.



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