Processing Offline Payments using QuickBooks Merchant Services

A QuickBooks Merchant Service can be used by eCC to process payment of orders offline.  This can be used if:
  • No payment processor connected to your online store to process payment. 
  • If you process payment after an order has shipped or received by the customer. 
  • Your customers are wholesale customers and payment is processed at a later time. 

Using QBMS

  1. There can only be one payment channel going through a merchant service account. If you have a merchant service established for QuickBooks POS, another will have to be setup to function with an online store. 
  2. QBMS must be installed in the backend of the website to authorize and capture payments from an online order while in eCC.  
  3. Your QBMS account must be enabled (Web Interface Merchant Account) for eCommerce in order to be utilized by eCC.  Contact Intuit to enable your account. 

How to Setup QBMS in eCC

In the Payments screen of the Store Configuration, Select QuickBooks Merchant Service and click the Create New Connection Ticket button to get a connection ticket (as shown below): 

Open your main browser and you should see the following screen:

Enter your email and password and login to your merchant account to receive a connection ticket.  After you login, you will see the following screen.  Click "Create a Connection".

Next, select No and click Continue. 

A confirmation window will pop up. Click OK.  

Note: eCC will store your Connection Ticket in an encrypted format and it will only be used for your QBMS transactions. 

Copy the Connection Ticket.  This will be used by eCC for your payment transactions. 

Paste the Connection Ticket in the Payments screen of the store configuration in eCC.  Click Test Connection.  

After the connection to QBMS has been successfully established, click Continue to proceed to the next configuration screen.  

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