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How to create a shipping charge line item in QuickBooks?

Within the eCC store configuration->Shipping screens, there must be a shipping charge line item, so the shipping charges in the online order can be calculated into the grand total of the transaction in QuickBooks.  

If nothing is populated in the Shipping Charge drowpdown menu, then a Shipping Charge line item needs to be created in QuickBooks. 


Creating the shipping line item can be done while both the eCC Store Configuration area and the QuickBooks company file are open.  Here's how:

1) First minimize eCC and go into QuickBooks.  Make sure within QuickBooks you are in the home screen view and no other edit/account/check ledgers are open.  Click the "Items & Services" area.


2) In the item view area click on Item then New to create the item. 

3) Within the item creation area choose Other Charge from the dropdown menu.  Give the shipping charge a name, a tax code which should be non and assign the charge to an expense account, as shown. 

Click OK to create the item. 

4) As you can see the item is now within the list of items. 

Now it's time to put that item into the eCC Store Configuration area. 

5) Switch back into eCC and click the green refresh button in the upper left hand corner of the shipping configuration screen. eCC will now re-download any new items created (such as the one that was just created).  

6) Either the item will appear or it will need to be selected from the dropdown menu.  
Next, select a shipping processor to add to eCC Desktop.  


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