Install Shiplark on the Admin / Server (main) PC


1. To be able to use Shiplark in a multi user environment, please remember that All the admin's and addon's need to be on the same Local Area Network, easily accessible by each other.

2. Shiplark needs to be running on the Admin computer at all times when the addon's are in use.

3. The process for installation on every addon computer is the same.


Go to and click on my account. Then login with your username and password.




Click on Downloads and download the Shiplark Installer ZIP file. Extract the Shiplark Installer from this ZIP file to your desktop and double click on it.




Once you see the Shiplark Installer. Please click 'next' to proceed and continue till Shiplark is installed




After Shiplark is installed, start it by clicking on the Shiplark icon on your desktop.




Shiplark will ask you to enter your Shiplark login id and password. If you would like to use your Intuit login Id and password then click on the 'Sign in with Intuit' button.




When started for the first time Shiplark will ask you for SQL Connectivity. If you have an existing database, choose connect to an existing sql server database, else go ahead and install SQL Server and create a new database. Click here to learn more about it.





Then it will bring forward the Manage Stores section, from where you can add your very first Shiplark store!





Once Shiplark is logged in and configured on the admin computer, go to the c:\Webgility\Shiplark folder (or whatever is the installation folder you have for Shiplark). Right Click on 'wgFirewall.exe' and then click on Run as Administrator.




Depending upon your system configuration, you may be asked to enter the password for the administrator login. Once you have done the same, you will get a prompt that tells you that Windows firewall is configured. Leave Shiplark running while you install and use Shiplark from the additional / addon PC's



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