Connect Unify to X-Cart

NoteTo connect your X-Cart store you may need your FTP information. Contact your System Administrator or hosting company to get this information.  

To connect to X-Cart you need to install a Webgility Store Module. This one time setup will allow you to pull in your order, product, and customer data into Unify and sync with your accounting system.

Step 1: If you're new to Unify and have not connected any stores, go to Step 2. If you are adding additional stores go to your Connections Tab and click Add Sales channel. Alternatively click the Add sales channel button on the top right corner of Unify.


Step 2: Search for, and select X-Cart as your sales channel and click on the name of the channel when found. Unify will automatically direct you to the next page. 


Step 3: To check if you already have a Webgility Store Module, Unify needs Your Store Web Address. Enter it in and click Continue.



NOTE: If your Webgility Store Module is already set up you will skip to Step 5

Step 4a (If you do not have a Module already installed): Enter the server details and FTP credentials which are provided by your System Administrator or your hosting company. Click Connect to store.



Step 4b (If you do not have a Module already installed): Select the admin folder to install X-Cart. Click install Webgility Store Module.


Step 5: Once the module is installed, your Webgility Store Module Address will come up pre-filled. Enter your store Username and Password, then click Continue.


Step 6: Select the date range and status’ of orders you want to pull into Unify. Click Continue and you will be redirected to the Sales Tab where your orders will download.


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