Connect Unify to Volusion


1. Only Volusion Plus and Premium plans can connect to Unify.
2. You can only download orders and items from your store. Other information, like manufacturers, tax classes, categories etc. cannot be downloaded.
3.C ustomer’s mail IDs are not downloaded into Unify.
4. You cannot cancel an order from Unify.
5. You cannot sync customer data from QuickBooks Online/ Xero back to Volusion.

Volusion automatically sets a default batch of 100 orders/ items.

Step 1: If you're new to Unify and have not connected any stores, go to Step 2. If you are adding additional stores go to your Connections Tab, in the Stores section click Add a Store.


Step 2: Select Volusion and click Continue.

Step 3: If you already know your API details click I have the API details and jump to Step 4. If you do not know click Help me get the API details.


How to get the API details from the Volusion admin area:

  1. Login to the Volusion admin area, and select the Import/Export option in the Inventory Menu.2013-06-12_2313
  2. Once you are at the "Data Import" page, click on the ‘Volusion API’ link.2013-06-12_2314
  3. Once you reach the ‘Volusion API’ page, scroll down for the Generic section and then to Generic\Orders, click on the ‘Run’ button. 2013-06-12_2314_001
  4. Click 'run' to get the API URL2013-06-12_2315
  5. Then Reset the Generic Orders. Set the date from which you want to download orders in Unify. Once done, mark ID's as ALL IDs and click on Reset Export
  6. Now copy the API URL and paste it into Unify 2013-06-12_2315_001


Step 4: Paste the API URL and click on Continue to connect Unify to Volusion. 

Step 5: Select the status of the order you want to download.



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