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Connect Shiplark to Mal's E-Commerce


1. You can only download the orders from your Mal’s eCommerce store. You would not be able to download any items from the store. Hence you would not be able to use the Product module.
2. While manually processing shipments and payments, you will have to enter the shipping and payment methods manually, as there are no shipping/payment methods downloaded from the store.
3. You can only specify the Order start number at the time of downloading orders. You will not be able to specify the Order start date.
4. You can only download the orders within the last 56 days as Mal’s eCommerce does not retain orders prior to that.
5. You would not be able to post the order back to the store or update the tracking number.


1. You need to have an account with Mal’s eCommerce to connect the store to Shiplark.


2. You have to contact Mal’s eCommerce support to enable the orders API.


3. Once the orders API has been enabled, enter this URL into the Shiplark Connections area:


4. Enter your Admin account number and password into the Shiplark Connections screen and then click connect to store.



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