The Unify 'Inception to infinity' guide

Getting up and running with Unify is easy and takes a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions below to learn how to setup your trial and get up and running. Begin with setting up a trial account by going to


The password for the account you just setup will be in your email within moments of signing up. Do check your spam if you dont see it in the inbox.


Once you have clicked on the Start Free Trial button, Unify will begin to get your details and create an account for you.


As soon as the account is created, you will be taken to a sales channel selection screen which looks like the below:


Click on your top 2 sales channels(if you have more than 1.) and click next. 


If you are unable to see your sales channel name in display, you can always search for it! If you are still unable to find it, call instant support on 877 753 5373.


For this example, I have chosen to connect to Magento. If you selected more than 1 store, you will see 1 connect button for each one of your sales channels. You can see a guide of how to connect to your Sales channel by clicking here:Sales Channel Connection Guide.


Once you have clicked on the connect button, Unify will ask you to enter some details. This process will be different for different sales channels and is clearly illustrated in the sales channel connection guide attached above. For Magento, I need to enter my Website name. This is the website your customers go to. As soon as I enter this and click continue, Unify will begin to connect to my Magento store and see if I have the Online Webgility store module installed. 


As soon as the module is detected, Unify asks me for my admin username and password to the backend of Magento. Once again, remember to see the Sales channel connection guide for details on how to link your store channel as the process is different for different eCommerce channels. 


If the Connection is successful, Unify will tell you so.


Upon successful connection, Unify will begin to download data and settings from your online store as well as some of your recent orders. You can choose to keep or delete these later.


As soon as the download is done, you will see a connection successful screen. Click next...


Unify will then work on integrating your sales channel and creating some magic for your Homepage synopsis, Analytics & graphs!


You will then be told that your account has been created and that you need to connect to your accounting package. You can choose to do this later or with an onboarder, however if you wish to connect now, carry on reading this guide.


Once you click on connect accounting, you will be given a choice of accounting packages. For this example, I am connecting to QuickBooks Online. If you need to connect to a different accounting package read our guide on how to connect to your accounting package here:Accounting software connection guide.


As soon as I click on Connect to QuickBooks (this is for QuickBooks Online) I will be taken to the Intuit connection screen where I will put in my credentials. Please remember to checkout the accounting software connection guide for information on how to connect to your accounting package here: Unify Accounting Software connection Guide. 


Upon putting in my details and clicking Authorize, QuickBooks online will get connected.


Unify will then begin downloading the data and settings needed to manage your orders and inventory.


As soon as the above process completes, Unify will tell you that QuickBooks online is now connected. Click Next...


You will then be asked to enter some basic settings. Make your choices and click save. If you are unsure about these, call your sales rep/accounts manager to setup an onboarding session or call instant support on 877 753 5373 for instant help.


That's it! You have setup the basic settings for Unify and are now ready to sync orders. Remember, automation is turned on by default and orders will begin to be synced on a nightly basis. If you need to stop this, or if you want to make detailed settings or if you simply want to put in some test orders before the live ones, please read our automation guide here: Automation Guide. You can also call your sales rep/accounts manager to setup an onboarding session.



Things to remember:

1. Remember, these steps are for Accounting software's QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier, Enterprise - USA only). If you are a Netsuite User, click the link below the start free trial button to setup a NetSuite based account. 


2. You can read our automation guide here.

3. Read about connecting to your sales channel here. You can also learn about connecting to your accounting platform.

4. Read this guide to learn how to make detailed settings for Unify

5. You can read this guide to learn how to make settings for expenses and fees.

6. Read how to link up and use payment processors here.

7. Learn more about order processing with Unify.

8. Learn how to manage inventory with Unify.

9. Learn how to connect & use your shipping processor.

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