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Auto Build Assemblies in Unify

Note: This feature works only for QuickBooks Desktop

An assembly item is a group of items that you may sell individually, and also as an assembly, or as both. e.g. A CPU which consists of a motherboard, RAM, processor etc. Unify now has a new feature to help you auto-build an assembly in QuickBooks in case your stock runs out for the assembly and you have the stock for individual items. Now, taking the example of the CPU again, if 3 are ordered and you have 2 assemblies in stock in QB; but also have all Individual items of the CPU in stock, then Unify can auto build the assembly for you. Here is how:

1. Ensure that QuickBooks Desktop and Unify are connected and that the Unify Desktop Extension is working. Then go to Settings >> Accounting Settings.


2. Enable the 'Build Assembly' feature as illustrated. Save your settings. 


3. You can now process your orders. 

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