See order details & profitability in Unify

To see order details and profitability in Unify, simply click on the order number inside the sales inbox in Unify


When you click the order number, the order details panel in Unify will open up as shown below. This panel has 3 tabs. The first tab shows you the basic order details, payment details, customer details, QB details (if any), shipping details (if any) and a google maps link to display the customer address on a map. Note: For this help document we have taken the order details example of a magento store. Tabs differ from sales channel to sales channel. e.g. eBay and Amazon may have more tabs like expenses, fees etc.


The second tab is the order history tab. It contains a record of everything that has been done with this order inside of Unify. For example, if you put it into QuickBooks, the history tab will show it; and if you have an error the history panel will show that also (for error resolutions, call instant support on 877 753 5373).


The Third tab is the order profitability tab that gives you data and analytics pertaining to the order for which you are viewing the details.


Remember, in the order profitability tab, these little arrows denote expandable sections.


You can click on the section to see more details.




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