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Export/Import Unify Product Mappings

To export or import product mappings, go to the Items tab and then to the mapped products area.


Once there, click on the export button to export your mappings.


You will then be asked to save the exported CSV to a location of your choice. This CSV contains all your mappings. You can keep the same as a backup or else you cam make more mappings in it and import the file into Unify as illustrated below. Please do not try to save this file in other formats. If you do need to, then create a copy of the original file and then work on the copy.


To import mappings that you have in a previously backed up file, click on the import button (To get to this button, follow instructions in step 1 at the top of this page).


Browse for and choose the file that you need to import and click next. Remember the system can only import CSV files.


Map the fields in the file to the options provided and click import. If this is the file you exported from Unify, as illustrated in the steps above, the fields will be the same as in the picture below.


Once the mappings are imported, you will see a conformation message as below. Click done to close the screens:



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